Meet Bailey!

Bailey is a sweet and playful, even-tempered girl who loves to snuggle, catch frisbee and be with her people. She is a 28 pound, small/medium Australian Labradoodle born April 15th, 2021 from Southern Cross Clare and Rocketman.

When we first brought her home from Southern Cross, she rode for over 9 hours in the car and never complained!

Southern Cross Bailey

And Bailey’s family, of course.

Australian Labradoodle Breeders, Sean and Annette Allen

Golden Corner Labradoodles is a small breeder of Australian Labradoodles. We want to share the joy and love we have found in our Bailey while maintaining the integrity of the breed.

Growing up we both had dogs and have ever since. Every dog we had was hard on Sean, due to his allergies. Once our children were grown, we went in search of a more allergy friendly breed. Sean had a poodle as a child, but the texture of the fur wasn’t our favorite. In our search we ran across the Australian Labradoodle. We were in love from the first moment we touched that soft fur. Not only was the coat unbelievable soft, but the dog was really well behaved. The dog’s owner could not stop talking about how wonderful the breed was.

That’s when we started researching Australian Labradoodles as a good option for us. We have been mentored by Becky Roth from Southern Cross (one of the first breeders of Australian Labradoodles in the United States) and decided that we wanted to share this breed with more people. Through breeding we hope to educate more dog owners about the benefits and high standards that the Australian Labradoodle breed is held to. Not to mention sharing the joy we’ve found in our Bailey!

Australian Labradoodle Breeders, Sean and Annette Allen

Labradoodle FAQs

While no dog is truly hypoallergenic, these dogs are carefully bred for a low to no-shed coat that makes them an allergy-friendly dog.

One of the more common issues Australian Labradoodles are known to have are Hip Dysplasia. This is a health problem that occurs in labs and poodles. Bailey has been screened and has not been found to have this health issue.

Australian Labradoodles are a fun and active breed that require daily exercise. You may enjoy something as simple as a morning or evening walk or challenge their agility by creating an obstacle course in your yard!

Australian Labradoodles are known for their soft fleece or wool coats and have ten different colors and five patterns!

Australian Labradoodles require regular grooming to prevent the coat from becoming tangled and matted. Their nails require regular trimming about once or twice a month. Regularly trimming the hair about the eyes and wiping the eyes periodically to keep them clean is a simple way to prevent eye infections. And don’t forget to brush their teeth! Get more information on keeping up with your Australian Labradoodles grooming here.

Yes! The breed was originally created by a Royal Guide Dogs Association trainer in the 1980s as an allergy friendly guide dog! The Australian Labradoodle’s intuitive, intelligent and loving temperament can make an ideal therapy or support dog.

With the appropriate ADA training, your Australian Labradoodle can most certainly become a certified service dog.

Spotlight on Bailey