Small Breeder of Multi-Generational Australian Labradoodles

Our mission is to share the joy and love we have found in our Australian Labradoodle with as many people as we can while maintaining the integrity of the breed.

Is an Australian Labradoodle the right dog for your family?

The Australian Labradoodles friendly demeanor and loyalty makes them an ideal family pet when temperament is matched to the family. With just a little bit of time spent they are easily trained and thrive in homes of all sizes. This breed is an excellent choice for first time pet parents, families with children, therapy patients and seniors looking for a sweet companion with a big personality.

Australian Labradoodle Breeder Annette Allen with Bailey

Ready for an Australian Labradoodle puppy?

Australian Labradoodles are considered loyal, friendly, fun and easy to train. Not to mention the added bonus of their allergy-friendly coat! These are just some of the reasons we have committed to being a small breeder of Australian Labradoodles. If you’re ready to talk about having your own Australian Labradoodle the first step is to fill out our application.

Annette and Golden Corner Labradoodles have been AMAZING! This was going to be our first family dog, so we were a little timid in the process. That all melted away as soon as we started working with Annette. Annette was extremely informational in our discovery process and that hasn’t stopped even after getting our new addition to the family. We feel very fortunate to have her as a resource and her knowledge of each of the individual puppy’s character traits was impressive. Our puppy, Lionel, has been the perfect pup for our family due to Golden Corner’s diligence in matching us with right dog along with their initial training. He has slept in his kennel every night since we have picked him up and never whined about it beyond the first five minutes of the first night, which is a testament to the training he received before we picked him up. Many friends and family can’t believe how well adjusted he was and how “lucky” we were to find such a great puppy. We give all the credit to the amazing care and training by Annette that started right away at birth. Golden Corner went above and beyond in every step of the process, and we couldn’t be more pleased or recommend them more highly.

Chad & Amanda B.

I can’t say enough good things about Annette and Golden Corner Labradoodles!  From the beginning, Annette had great communication and answered all my questions!  She was even kind enough to drive 1/2 way to bring us our sweet puppy!  We are in love with our puppy and she is doing so good and is so playful, smart, and sweet!  Another thing I loved is she had her sleep in the crate alone before we got her so she slept through the night without crying right away!  I highly recommend them!!!!

Katherine G.